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12 Days of Christmas, Day 11: [Recipe] Cracker Toffee

This cracker toffee, or Christmas Crack, is another great recipe courtesy of my friend Carly.

Cracker toffee is so addictive. Salted crackers, butter, sugar, and chocolate. It appeals to both your sweet and salty taste buds. It takes no time to make and you usually have everything you need to make it kicking around the house.

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12 Days of Christmas, Day 10: [Recipe] No-Bake Cookie Butter Bars

Speculoos, or cookie butter, is exactly what is sounds like – a spreadable cookie. You can use it any way you’d use hazelnut spread or peanut butter.

I found a great way to use cookie butter in these bars covered with chocolate ganache. They are quick and easy to make and always a bit hit.

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12 Days of Christmas, Day 9: [Recipe] Turkey Puffs

These turkey puffs are a bit of a play on a burger that we really like. Who would have thought that horseradish and turkey would work, right? If you like horseradish, don’t be afraid to add a bit more.

Great for popping in your mouth at a party, these little guys go fast.

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12 Days of Christmas, Day 8: [Recipe] Social Tea Squares

Where have these squares been all my life?!?

Thank goodness these have come along. I am so very happy we’ve found each other!

These social tea squares are one of those squares people will be asking for the recipe for, believe me.

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12 Days of Christmas, Day 7: Chocolate Confetti Squares

Classic recipe ahead!

These chocolate confetti squares always remind me of the holidays, sweet trays, and church bake sales. They’re a real favourite of mine. With the coloured mini marshmallows they are just to pretty!

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