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Freezer Meal Plan: [Recipe Review] Hearth and Holm’s Mu Shu Pork

mu shu pork

mu shu pork

Tonight on the freezer meal plan is Hearth and Holm’s Mu Shu Pork. In her post about advance meal prep, there is a link detailing all of the recipes she used.

This recipe works out to two meals of 4 servings each.

The approximate cost of each meal broke down as follows:
pork – $10.35
carrot – $0.40
napa cabbage – $1.50
baby corn – $1.10
hoisin sauce – $0.75
ginger, garlic, green onions – $0.25-ish (I’m guessing)

That’s a total of $14.35 for 4 servings, working out to $3.55 a serving. A little higher than the previous meals I’ve reviewed this week. Next time I’ll wait until there’s a better sale on pork to get the price down just a bit. This took about 20 minutes to put both of these meals together.

We served this with tortillas (not included in the cost breakdown). We also added a bit of extra hoisin and some sriracha for serving. So good. The next time I’ll probably go as far as to make some green onion pancakes to take the place of our tortillas.

mu shu pork

mu shu pork

This mu shu pork recipe was a real favourite for my husband. One bite down and he declared, “I’d eat this again!”. Good sign. Definitely a good sign.

Thank you Hearth and Holm for this recipe.

mu shu pork

mu shu pork

Freezer Meal Plan: [Recipe Review] Six Cents’ Savoury Pepper Steak

pepper steak

pepper steak

Next up on the freezer meal plan this week is Savoury Pepper Steak from Six Cents. The recipes in her post were all very intriguing to me when I went looking for freezer meals. I’m excited to try the rest of the recipes on this blog too. Check it out!

Six Cents’ recipe works out to two meals of 4 servings each.

The approximate cost of each meal broke down as follows:
steak – $5.50
onion – $0.50
pepper – $1.15
canned tomatoes – $1.25
flour, garlic, bouillon powder, steak spice, steak sauce, Worcestershire sauce – $0.50-ish (I’m guessing)

That’s a total of $8.90 for 4 servings, working out to $2.25 a serving. Another economical meal. This took about 15-20 minutes to put together too.

This may sound a bit funny, but I’m also pretty proud of myself getting all of these meals made. They’re all full of lots of veggies, and no fake ingredients. This pleases me greatly.

We served this over rice (not included in the cost breakdown).

It was really good! We found it quite peppery and it leaves a bit of heat in your mouth, which we like, but if you don’t want it really peppery, I’d cut back on the steak spice a bit.

Thank you Six Cents for the great recipe! Now I can’t wait to try your Salsa Chicken a bit later in the week.

I’m really starting to get quite enamoured with this freezer meal thing!

pepper steak 2

[Recipe] Slow Cooker Balsamic Beef


You had me at balsamic. The beef part didn’t hurt either though. Two of my favourite things to eat. Add in the ease of slow cooking, and I couldn’t resist.

This balsamic beef roast, I found on Pinterest. The picture was gorgeous. It comes from a food blog called Shugary Sweets. What a great blog! I’ll definitely be visiting regularly for more amazing food ideas.

As far as the recipe goes, I pretty much stuck to the original exactly, except that I used a smaller roast and added some onion. It is positively delicious. This is a great recipe for a cold fall or winter’s day. It’s comforting and warm. The house smelled divine as this was cooking away in the slow cooker. And it was really good with mashed potatoes. We added some horseradish and sour cream to our mashed potatoes and they really paired well with this beef.

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[Recipe] Slow-Cooker Beef Dip Sandwiches (French Dip)

beef dip cover 2

French dip sandwiches.

Before meeting my husband, I’d never tried one. I can’t believe I just said that, but it’s true. I’d never had one. He would order them at most any restaurant that would serve them, and I just didn’t get it.

It’s just a sandwich. What’s the big deal?

Then I tried a bite of his one night at the pub. Yes, I’m one of those wives. I bug my husband for bites sometimes. He always obliges though – he’s pretty fantastic that way. Besides, I did it long before we got married, so he knew what he was getting into.

This is the version of the French dip that I came up with. When we tried these sandwiches, I was met with ‘mmms’ of approval.

These French dip (beef dip) sandwiches come together quickly and easily, and the recipe makes lots. Just throw it in your slow-cooker and forget about it.

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[Recipe] Overnight Slow-Cooker Sausage and Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole

casserole cover

I am very excited!

My parents (the best parents a girl could ask for, by the way) got me a brand new slow cooker for my birthday (just a couple of days ago)! A new appliance in my household is always cause for serious celebration. It’s kind of a “throw your arms in the air” situation. I love new kitchen stuff.

A slow cooker might just change the way we eat around here. Well, at least the way we cook. I love the new possibilities this one appliance holds.

This overnight casserole, perfect for a Christmas morning set-it-and-forget-it meal for a crowd, is hearty, filling, and great for serving a crowd. It was first served to us my our great friend Holly. Holly is one of the best hostesses I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying with – she always makes sure we’re well taken care of when we visit she and her husband and their cutie pants daughter.

Holly, I stalked your Pinterest boards to find it again. Now I can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow morning!

You heard me right – I’m not actually eating this on my Christmas morning. It’s a family tradition of ours to have a huge Christmas breakfast prepared mostly by my dad on Christmas morning. We all agree, it’s our favourite meal of the year. It’s the meal with “all the meats” and dessert. I think it might really be our favourite meal because we’re all together at the table laughing in front of the Christmas tree. With shortbread cookies. :-)

Either way, there’s no messing with Christmas breakfast in our family. No need to fix what’s never been broken.

I hope this casserole sneaks onto your table Christmas morning. You won’t be disappointed. Don’t skip adding the sun-dried tomatoes (or regular tomatoes, if you’d prefer). We used hot italian sausage, for a bit of an added kick. Additional vegetables, like mushrooms, onions, and green peppers would be great in this casserole.

Thanks again Holly!

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