[FFwD]: Celery-Celeriac Soup (with Curried Apples)

I don’t make soup often. I guess you could say I’m not much of a soup fan. I’m getting better though.

The difference with this recipe is that it’s a soup endorsed by Dorie Greenspan, in her book ‘Around My French Table’. I have yet to try any recipe of Dorie’s that I haven’t loved, in any of her books. They are easily my favourites, each well worn and spottled with food from their many stays on my kitchen counter.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

If you didn’t know, this is what a celeriac looks like. I would probably describe it’s taste as a cross between a potato and celery. They are a new favourite root vegetable of mine.

Without giving anything away, here is how you make the soup:

Puree the soup well if you like a smooth consistency. I also added some light cream to help create a silky texture and mouth feel.

Dorie often suggests great ways to embellish or twist her recipes just a little bit, for a change or to better suit your tastes. This recipe included a suggested accompaniment of curried apples. I couldn’t resist.

Simply heavenly.

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