Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning: February Week 4

I’ve been getting a bit tired of eating the same old stuff week after week. We tend to cycle that way – we get comfortable eating a few of the same meals, then we get tired of them and move on to other favourites we may have forgotten about. This week we are mixing it up just a bit.

Here’s what ended up in our grocery cart this week (we spent about $160):

a big ol’ ham
light cream
canned creamed corn
cheese buns
stew beef
egg noodles
frozen peas
canned mandarins
beef broth
frozen raspberries
mini cucumbers
olive oil
potato chips
chip dip
smoked salmon

Here are the dinners we have planned this week:

Sunday – baked ham and potato scallop, broccoli
Monday – beef stroganoff
Tuesday – burgers and fries
Wednesday – shepherd’s pie
Thursday – leftovers

I’m pretty excited to mix it up this week, and I can’t wait to eat some of these delicious meals.

I’m also trying my hand at making up a muffin recipe to rival some muffins I’ve become a bit addicted to – raspberry almond orange muffins. You can be sure that I’ll let you know how they turn out.

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