Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning: January Week 4

Week 4.

Still going pretty strong, pending there are no crazy pregnancy cravings that get us off track. I’ve gotta say though, when you’re pregnant and you want something, you want it right then. This past week we missed one of our planned meals because I needed a pita. It was amazing.

Here’s what we came up with for this coming week:

Breakfasts: Toast, eggs, smoothies, fruit, cereal, oatcakes, coffee

Lunches: leftovers, hot dogs, salads (including the shrimp salad I’ll be posting next week), sandwiches, cheese strings, yogurt, fruit

Sunday: Turkey dinner with all the fixins
Monday: Hot turkey sandwiches
Tuesday: Fish baked with mayo and parmesan, roasted sugar snap peas, cauliflower
Wednesday: Turkey broccoli divan, rice
Thursday: Burgers and fries

Dessert(s): TBD, if anything

Groceries we bought this week (we spent about $180 – $100 Costco rebate cheque):
goat cheese
dog food
tortilla chips
hot dogs
hot dog buns
peanut butter
frozen corn
frozen shrimp
frozen spinach
canned artichokes
french bread
chocolate milk
watermelon (my new obsession)

We also made a trip across the border on Friday and picked up some interesting finds:
flavoured sparkling water
hot sauce
coffee creamer in amaretto and coconut cream flavours
greek yogurt dip
breakfast bowls
chocolate multigrain cheerios
peanut butter and jam chocolate
mixed cheese cheetos
tuna helper
burger sauces in ‘special sauce’ and ‘sweet dijon’ flavours

On to week 4!

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