Home Sweet Home

My heart is full today.

You see, about a month ago, my husband and I made the decision to leave this house and make the move back to my hometown, a little town that I love very much.

But now as I sit here in this house, surrounded by bare walls and boxes of our things, things that have surrounded us here for nearly a decade, I have a heavy heart. This house has been our home, and it’s been a good home – the house where we welcomed our puppy, the house we came home to after our wedding, the house where we’ve welcomed friends and family for dinners and celebrations and conversation, and the house we brought our daughter home to. This place holds so many happy memories.




It is bittersweet to be leaving this house behind, but we’ll be taking all of those happy memories with us, and we’re looking forward to making many more. That’s the beautiful thing about memories – they follow you wherever you go. While this will mean a major change in our lives, I know that this change is a positive one.

I am happy to be moving back to my hometown, the place I really consider home. I am thrilled that we’ll be raising our baby girl there, surrounded by family, friends, and familiar faces and places. I’m thrilled that she’ll grow up where I did – where I can show her all of the great places to ride a bike, where she’ll learn to swim, where family is only a five minute drive away, where she’ll walk the same school halls that I did, and where she’ll grow up to drive the same streets over and over on a Saturday night with her friends. I know that doesn’t sound like any big deal to a lot of people, but to me it means everything.

Less than a week to go.

Change is good, friends. We’re ready. We’ll see you soon.

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