Our First Food Box Order

Husband and I recently decided to start ordering a food box of locally produced meat and veggies from a local store called Real Food Connections. You put your name on the list for a box, then pick it up on either Thursday or Friday evening. The goods in the box are a bit of a surprise, although the nice folks at RFC really aim to please and allow you to swap anything in the box for anything else you’d rather have in the store.

You should check out RFC’s website – there’s a lot of information there, along with profiles of the local farmers producing these amazing products.

All of the boxes have some things in common, but you also get to pick a couple of things when you get there. This week we got our choice of herbs and a cheese. We chose parsley for our herb and a goat feta for our cheese.

This is the first week we’ve ordered, and we’re VERY excited about this week’s haul:

– basil plant (this was an add on for us)
– italian parsley plant
– radishes
– goat’s milk feta
– 1/2 lb fiddleheads (YAY for fiddlehead season!!!)
– multigrain bread
– two bags of sprouts
– eggs
– milk
– 3 lb potatoes
– bag of baby spinach
– ground chicken
– chicken breast
– mango curry sausages (4 lg)
– 2 massive breakfast patties

How much fun will it be to come up with meals with these products this week?!? I can’t wait.

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