12 Frilly Days of Christmas, Day 9: [Recipe] Meat Sauce

meat sauce cover

Although most people have their mind on the holiday season and all of the bustle surrounding it, one thing never changes. We’ve still gotta eat. People get hungry, no matter how busy they are.

It is because we’ve all still gotta eat that I’m including this recipe in this year’s 12 Frilly Days of Christmas.

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12 Frilly Days of Christmas 2015, Day 8: [Recipe] Bubble Dippies (Cream Cheese Stuffed Crust Bites)


If you’ve never had the pleasure of eating pizza with cream cheese stuffed crust, you’re missing out. Plain and simple. This recipe for cream cheese stuffed crust bites is a great substitute when you don’t care if you eat the pizza and just want some cream cheese goodness. They’re perfect for sharing with a crowd.

The name for this recipe came about, of course, because I watch a lot of Bubble Guppies now with my girl. She LOVES the Bubble Guppies. She also loves pizza. I thought this was a nice little nod to my favourite person. <3

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12 Frilly Days of Christmas 2015, Day 7: [Recipe] Maple Dijon Green Beans

green beans cover

Maple dijon green beans – a very simple recipe and a favourite in our house. Three happy diners sitting around the table, just four ingredients, and about five minutes.

I have been so excited about posting this recipe – it really is absolutely delicious, and just so simple. We default to using this recipe for our supper side dish all the time. We had them just a couple of nights ago and my husband asked me if I thought we could put the sauce on other vegetables too – that’s how much we like this recipe.

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12 Frilly Days of Christmas 2015, Day 6: [Recipe] Wow! Butter Rolo Cookie Cups

cookie cups cover

Wow butter cookie dough, day 2!

Remember that fantastic cookie dough we mixed up yesterday? It was great, wasn’t it? Here’s how that dough does double duty.

You’ll only need one or two extra ingredients to completely switch up yesterday’s wow! butter sparkle cookies – mini rolo pieces, and semi sweet chocolate chips (if you’d like). You’ll also need a mini muffin tin.

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12 Frilly Days of Christmas 2015, Day 5: [Recipe] Wow! Butter (or Peanut Butter) Sparkle Cookies

wow butter sparklers cover

One dough. Two cookies. That’s the super versatile time saver I’m offering you the next couple of days.

First up – a wow (or peanut) butter sparkle cookie. This cookie is part sugar cookie, part peanut (or wow) butter cookie. These cookies disappear quicker than any other cookie I bake at home. They’re also really quick to mix up and the recipe is quite easy to remember. I don’t even have to look it up anymore.

We use Wow! butter at our house, and it works beautifully in place of traditional creamy peanut butter in these cookies. We’re so used to wow butter now that we don’t notice anyway, but I’m not even sure you could tell the difference at all. It is completely interchangeable with peanut butter in this recipe. Whether you use wow butter or peanut butter, be sure not to use the natural kind – this recipe needs the creamy, sugar-added kind.

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