[Recipe] Pistachio Whip

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I still remember when I first tasted this recipe. My best friend Kyla introduced me to it, waaaaaay back when we were in high school. She brought it to a potluck we were going to, and I just had to know how to make it. I LOVE this stuff. I would sit down and eat the entire bowl of this stuff, if no one were watching.

This recipe is a great recipe for dessert if you’re looking for something really quick and easy to whip up.

Whip up. See what I did there? 😉

Four ingredients. Nice and light. Sweet and fruity. Delicious. Dessert salad. That’s what this recipe is.

Add a fifth ingredient – coconut, if you’re looking for a bit more texture.

Yum. I already can’t wait to eat more of this stuff. It’s in my fridge right at this moment.

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[Recipe] Pistachio Whip

Makes about 8 cups

1 box instant pistachio pudding
1 can crushed pineapple
1 can fruit cocktail
1 tub Cool Whip whipped topping

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Drain pineapple, draining the juice into a large bowl.

Drain the can of fruit cocktail. Don’t bother reserving the juice.

Mix the pistachio pudding mix powder (dry, don’t add any milk) into the pineapple juice. Stir until there are no lumps and the mixture is a bright green paste.

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Mix the fruit cocktail and the crushed pineapple into the pistachio mixture.

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Finally, fold the whipped topping into the fruit and pistachio mixture.

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Let sit in the refrigerator to cool for about an hour before serving.

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