[Recipe Review] Salsa Chicken

salsa chicken

salsa chicken

Next on the freezer meal plan is Salsa Chicken, from Six Cents.

This recipe works out to two meals of 4 servings each.

The approximate cost of each meal broke down as follows:
chicken thighs (6) – $5.50
onions – $0.50
corn – $2.10
salsa – $2.79
canned tomatoes – $1.25
shredded cheese – $2.50
black beans – $2.29
green chilis – $1.15

We omitted the taco seasoning. We didn’t miss it.

That’s a total of $17~ish for 4 servings, working out to $4.25 a serving. A little on the higher side and so far the most expensive of the previous meals I’ve reviewed this week. It did however, seem to provide larger portions than the previous meals, so there’s that at least. This took about 15 minutes to put both of these meals together.

We served this over a bed of lettuce, with tortilla chips and sour cream (not included in the cost breakdown). This was my favourite meal so far this week.

salsa chicken

salsa chicken

Leftovers are going to be fantastic on nachos.

Thank you Six Cents for this recipe.

2 responses to “[Recipe Review] Salsa Chicken

  1. Did you use thighs or breasts? The link says chicken breasts, but I find that those dry out in the slow cooker. Did you use thighs to alleviate that problem?

    • Should have mentioned that. I used thighs. I almost always use thighs, we just like them so much better. I also shredded the thighs at the end.

      I forgot to add the taco seasoning too. But we used fire roasted tomatoes and a smoky salsa – I think that made up for forgetting about the taco seasoning. Since we don’t have canned tomatoes with chilis here, I put a half a can of green chilis in each bag.

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