Frilly Recipes

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bacon-wrapped bbq jalapeno poppers
bacon-wrapped water chestnuts (rumaki)
devils on horseback
french onion soup dip
fried pickles
gougeres {FFwD}
ham and swiss thumbprints {FFwD}
lemon butter shrimp
pâte à choux {FFwD}
taco cups

baked goods and desserts

5-minute fudge
all-in-one holiday bundt cake
almond crescent cookies
apple crisp
baked doughnuts
baked oatmeal with blueberries
blueberry buckle
brownies (gluten-free)
cake pops
chocolate chocolate chip cookies
chocolate-chocolate cupcakes
chocolate rice krispie squares
chocolate salami
chocolate swirl cookies
cinnamon cake with chocolate
cinnamon rolls
coco-nana bread
cornbread (gluten-free)
cranberry orange coffee cake
cranberry orange muffins
florida pie
gingerbread cookies
gluten-free lemon drop shortbread cookies
guinness cake with cream cheese frosting
ham and swiss thumbprints
honey nut brownies
imperial cheese cookies
Irish soda bread
layered cookie dessert
maclaren’s cheddar jam squares
melting moment sugar cookies
meyer lemon curd
marie-hélène’s apple cake {FFwD}
millionaire shortbread
oatmeal blueberry muffins
old-fashioned gingerbread
one hour yeast rolls
ooey gooey toffee cake
pâte à choux {FFwD}
peanut butter and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
pistachio, white chocolate, and cranberry cookies
pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
pumpkin muffins
rhubarb pudding
scottish oatcakes
suzi’s no fail chocolate cake
thin mint cookie fudge
toasted almond scones
whipped shortbread


all-in-one breakfast casserole
baked oatmeal with blueberries
blueberry mug muffin
quinoa with cranberries, dates, and cinnamon
puffy oven pancake with caramel and bananas
sweet potato hash


all-in-one breakfast casserole
apple crisp
cauliflower bacon gratin {FFwD}
chicken noodles romanoff
chicken pot pie with sweet potato biscuit topping
creamy chicken and stuffing casserole
creamy vegetable casserole
curry cauliflower casserole
hachis parmentier {FFwD}
hash brown casserole
lentil and brown rice casserole
meat lasagna
mexican chicken rice bake
million dollar spaghetti
pommes dauphinois {FFwD}
pumpkin french toast casserole
overnight ham and swiss breakfast casserole
reuben casserole
savoury bread pudding
texas hash


almond crescent cookies
imperial cheese cookies
lemon drop shortbread cookies


apple butter (all-natural, slow-cooker, no-sugar-added)
beet salad
black bean soup
chickpea avocado salad
french onion soup dip
lentil and brown rice casserole
sweet potato aloo gobi


camouflage cupcakes
peeling squash
roasting beets

main dishes

mussels with chorizo {FFwD}
roast pork with quick fall chutney
slow cooker balsamic beef
slow cooker beef dip sandwiches

other stuff

apple butter (all-natural, slow-cooker, no-sugar-added)
apple chutney
bacon jam
boozy bourbon soaked cherries
cashew sour cream
chicken b’stilla {FFwD}
chocolate blueberry ice cream {FFwD}
cranberry sauce
french onion soup
fresh cheese
homemade pasta
horseradish butter
lime vinaigrette
maple vinaigrette
mustard butter
pumpkin puree
ranch dressing
smoky roasted mushrooms
sweet and spicy cocktail nuts {FFwD}
tandoori butter
tomato ketchup

recipe reviews

six cents’ pepper steak
witty in the city’s man pleasing chicken (baked maple dijon chicken)


asian coleslaw
beet salad
blue caesar salad
chickpea avocado salad
classic potato salad
cobb salad
indian spiced quinoa salad
layered salad
mexican corn salad (esquites)
roasted beet salad
taco salad
tortellini salad with pesto vinaigrette
winter shrimp salad with lime vinaigrette

side dishes

oven roasted sugar snap peas
roasted beet salad


black bean soup
“creamy” carrot ginger soup
creamy tomato soup
maritime seafood chowder


beet salad
black bean soup
lentil and brown rice casserole
savoury bread pudding
sweet potato aloo gobi
vegetable cheesecake
vegetarian chili

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    I would like to know the hours for your brunch and if possible a menu for the brunch also

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