This Will Wake You Up!: [Review] Café Santo Domingo

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Good morning!

For some of us, there aren’t many things we like about our morning. How many of us roll out of bed longing for our favourite mug filled high with our favourite steaming high octane beverage? So many of us depend on our morning coffee to get us up and ready to tackle our busy days.

Coffee. A cup of steaming hot comfort.

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I am fortunate enough to have been able to try a new coffee recently – Café Santo Domingo.

Café Santo Domingo is the Dominican Republic’s favourite brand of coffee. If you’ve ever visited the Dominican and enjoyed a coffee with your breakfast, there’s a very good chance it was a cup of Café Santo Domingo. Until only recently, this delicious coffee wasn’t available in Atlantic Canada, but now it is! We are lucky enough that every single Sobeys in Atlantic Canada is now carrying Café Santo Domingo products.

Canadians bring back over 50,000 lbs of Café Santo Domingo in carry-ons from the Dominican Republic every year. That’s amazing! And did you know that Atlantic Canadians travel to the Dominican more than any other Canadian region? Café Santo Domingo and Atlantic Canada seems like a natural pair to me.

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Having never before visited the DR, this was my first time trying this particular coffee. I was certainly not disappointed – Café Santo Domingo is delicious! In fact, I’m enjoying a cup of their decaffeinated blend as I type this. It is a smooth and comforting medium-bodied cup of coffee. Whether black or doctored with your favourite cream and sugar combination, this coffee really does have a great taste. I find myself reaching for the Café Santo Domingo instead of the coffee blend I used to enjoy in the morning. It’s a real treat. My husband and I have both been enjoying it immensely.

If you see the Café Santo Domingo products in stores near you, I really encourage you to pick some up. I know you won’t be disappointed.

The company is also sponsoring a contest through their Facebook page right now. You could win a trip for two to beautiful Punta Cana! Head on over to their Facebook Page for full contest details and regulations:

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