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[Recipe] Chocolate Rice Krispie Squares

As a kid, I was always very excited to be able to help my parents cook. It didn’t matter what Mom or Dad might be making, I was there. I have so many fond memories of standing on a chair on one side of our kitchen counter, waiting for the moment I could mix or dump or taste.

Some of my favourite things we made reguarly were pizza, shepherd’s pie, chicken wings, waffles, macaroons, and rice krispie squares.

As an adult food lover, I’m always looking for new foods to try and creative ways to use them. We often go to the US, where I found many interesting and strange ingredients to bring home. I was VERY excited when I found these:

Nope, you’re not seeing things – those are chocolate marshmallows and gluten-free rice krispies! What you really see here though, is an opportunity – an opportunity to indulge in a childhood love in a whole new way.

I followed the recipe on the box, sort of… Alright, so I added an extra tablespoon of butter and handful of chocolate chips to the pot. Clearly this can only make them better, right?

Off we go!

Classic Rice Krispie Squares

3 Tbsp (or 4) butter
1 bag marshmallows (chocolate!)
6 C rice krispies cereal
delicious chocolate chip add-ins (optional, but encouraged)

First, we melt the butter:

Dump in our marshmallows:


Add crunch:


Add extras:

Spread and set:

Wait, not so patiently.

These made for a very good Friday dinner, along with a few extra handfuls of chocolate chips. They will make a wonderful Saturday morning breakfast too, with coffee.

Psst! The stack below may have gotten shorter since this picture was taken. Maybe.