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[Recipe] Melting Moment Sugar Cookies

I’m dubbing these cookies “Melting Moments” because that’s the name of the cookie my mom was looking for when she requested them. Mom described them to me as a “small, plain, crisp, melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookie”, called them melting moments, and I set off to searching for a recipe.

And here they are. The cookie that satisfied Mom’s desire for a melting moment cookie.

This recipe is the Pioneer Woman’s Favourite Sugar Cookie recipe. It is uh-may-zing. I didn’t really like sugar cookies before these ones. I did change them just slightly though, making them a bit daintier than Ree’s cowboy-sized original. I got 96 cookies out of this batch where Ree normally gets 18 (no kidding!), and trust me, they get gobbled up quickly regardless of size.

In the case of these cookies, size really doesn’t matter.

These cookies are dainty, crumbly, and fragile. They don’t really travel well, so you should save them all for yourself to eat at home.

Jeanne, of Art of Gluten-Free Baking has baked up a gluten-free version of these cookies. You can find her post here.

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[Recipe] Chocolate Swirl Cookies

I think this may be my favourite new cookie!

RecipeGirl says on her site that these cookies (original recipe) have been a favourite in her family for over 40 years. I see why. I’d certainly eat these cookies for the next 40 years – they’re fantastic! You should really check out the rest of RecipeGirl’s recipes too – they all look so good.

My husband fell in love with these cookies at first bite. If you read my blog regularly, you know this is a good sign. Husband doesn’t really have much of a sweet tooth, especially when compared to his wife. He really liked these cookies though. Now me? I’d sit down with one of these lovely cookie logs with a fork, knife, and a cup of tea for dinner. I’ll just slice them up myself at the table, thank you very much.

I’ve gotten more compliments on these cookies than on any others I’ve made yet this Christmas season. I took lots to work, and they all got gobbled up.

These cookies, a chocolate fudge swirl wrapped in brown sugar shortbread, are easy to make, and come together quickly. The best part? They look complicated, and people will think they couldn’t possibly make them themselves. I love an easy complicated-looking recipe.

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[Recipe] Gluten-Free Lemon Drop Shortbread Cookies

“On the second day of Christmas, The Frilly Apron gave to me,
Lemon Shortbread that’s perfect with some tea.”

“Lemony. Lemony goodness.”

I asked my husband what he had to say about these little gems. So there ya go.

These really are the perfect cookie to accompany a hot cup of tea. They are so lovely and have a nice, light lemony flavour. Crispy and crumbly, they make a great dunker.

This recipe is adapted from GlutenFree Baking’s Gluten-Free and Egg-Free Lemon Coolers recipe.

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[Recipe] Whipped Shortbread


“On the first day of Christmas, The Frilly Apron gave to me…
Whipped shortbread with red cherries.”

Sneak a few of these dainty little cookies away with a cup of tea – dainty, and buttery smooth, they just melt on your tongue. It’s so easy to just pop the little guys in your mouth – look how many of them fit into this glass bowl! This bowl is about the size of half a tennis ball – that’s how tiny these cookies are.

They’re just perfect.

This recipe is a Best of Bridge recipe for whipped shortbread. If you know anything of Best of Bridge, you’ll now how wonderful their recipes are. This one certainly holds up that reputation.

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