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[Recipe] Disney’s Cobb Salad

cobb cover

Welcome back sunshine!

In our beautiful part of the country, it’s been sunny and warm lately. I’m back to wearing skirts and capris, doing yard work, and getting regular sunburns. I am loving it.

Seems this time of year all I want to do eat is salad. All kinds of salads, all kinds of dressings and vinaigrettes, and salad toppers. All of them.

Bring me all of the salad!

I’m always looking for a new salad recipe – the next salad I’ll fall in love with. In light of that, I’ve decided that I’ll be trying new salad recipes every single week for the ENTIRE SUMMER! Yup, a salad series on The Frilly Apron. From now until Labour Day, I’ll be posting at least one new salad recipe for you to try every single week. That’s 18 salads!

I’m very excited about it. Excited about salad – yes I am.

So now my request to all of you readers… If you have a favourite salad that you don’t want to live without and that you’d like others to try so they can’t live without it, please PLEASE pass along the recipe. I’ll try it and publish it, giving you all the credit.

Like my favourite salad from last year, Megan’s Chickpea Avocado Salad. I’ve eaten it 4 times in the past 2 weeks, it’s that good.

Up first in my personal list of must-try salads is a salad made famous at Hollywood’s Brown Derby chain of restaurants in LA in the fifties. The story goes that the owner of the restaurant threw this salad together for a theatre owner who had just had dental work done, which is why the salad is chopped so finely.

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