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[Recipe] Curry Cauliflower Casserole

curry cauliflower cover med

I am so blessed to have such good people in my life. I have so many amazing family members and friends surrounding me, and I am very thankful for each of you, truly.

I am also blessed and thankful that you share some of your best recipes with me. I am always so honoured that you might pass along a family recipe that I can enjoy with my family and share. Thank you all so much – both for the recipes and your friendships.

This recipe for curry cauliflower casserole is one such recipe. Passed along by my good friend Rxist, this recipe was an instant hit in our house. I’m already anxious to make it again. Thank you Rx, for passing along a family favourite, one I know my family will continue to enjoy. It was a challenge not to polish off most of it in one sitting.

With a nice curry flavour and creamy texture, this cauliflower casserole is warming comfort food. It makes a lovely side to main dish. In fact, I’m picturing it right now snuggled up next to some leg of lamb at Easter dinner. We enjoyed it this past week next to some wild salmon.

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