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[Recipe] Meat Sauce Turned Lasagna

Lasagna – something I don’t make very often. One of the only pastas my husband really loves. Keeps Garfield happy too. I really don’t know why I don’t make it more often, other than the fact that it’s really not healthy. At all. Not that that’s ever stopped me before. That’s why I own a treadmill.

This lasagna is the kind of lasagna you dream of – lots of flavour, surrounded by lots of hot stringy cheese. It’s really delicious. Not recommended for cardiac patients or the lactose intolerant among us.

This recipe is adapted from a Paula Deen recipe for lots o’ meat lasagna. It’s made in two parts – I made the meat sauce ahead of time, then put the lasagna together later for a weeknight dinner. If you’d like to put some veggies like peppers and mushrooms in the meat sauce, this sauce can definitely handle it. Also, I used ground turkey in place of ground beef.

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[Recipe] Creamy Chicken and Stuffing Casserole

creamy chicken and stuffing casserole

There seems to be a new cooking rule fast developing in my house. If it’s good without dressing, it’s exponentially better WITH dressing. Yes, I may be addicted to the stuff.

This recipe is adapted from my friend Taimi’s recipe for slow cooker pork chops, which are amazing. I wanted to make something similar, in casserole form. This is what I came up with.

Hope you enjoy it!

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[Recipe] Texas Hash

texas hash

Fun fact! This recipe is the very first real recipe that I learned to make outside my family’s kitchens. This is the first recipe that we made during my 7th grade home economics class. How crazy is that? This isn’t that exact recipe (or at least I don’t think so), but it sure is close.

Another fun fact! Ancho chipotle chili powder is NOT the same thing as chili powder. NOT. THE. SAME. I made this recipe with ancho chili chipotle powder thinking that this would be the same thing. It’s not. Not at all. Our faces got very warm on the inside. Thank goodness for guacamole.

This texas hash recipe is a great all-in-one meal with lean protein, lots of veggies, and slow (slowly digesting, better for your blood sugar levels) carbs. The original recipe for this casserole called for instant rice, ground beef, no celery, and no beans. I added or changed these things to pretty up it’s nutritional profile.

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[Recipe] Lentil and Brown Rice Casserole

vegan lentil brown rice casserole

*Disclaimer: No vegans were harmed in the making of this casserole.

If I told you that I had a recipe for a hearty vegan casserole, would you believe me?

I said HEARTY, not healthy. Also this is definitely very healthy. Lentils, brown rice, and TONS of veggies.

Nope, didn’t think you’d believe me about the hearty vegan thing. I didn’t believe me either, actually. ‘Hearty’ and ‘vegan’ are just two words that don’t normally go together. Well, they can go together I suppose, like hammers and thumbs.


This lentil and brown rice casserole is a perfect example of a hearty vegan dish – warm and filling, with lots of flavour. It’s reminiscent of a nice winter hash or a really thick stew. Packed with fibre and protein, it will please even the meat eaters in your life.

This recipe takes a while to cook, so be sure to plan for that. It also makes great leftovers for lunches.

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[Recipe] Creamy Vegetable Casserole

creamy vegetable casserole

Exciting news in the casserole world!

This casserole recipe is a real winner. I will be putting this on my menu on a regular basis now. This is comfort food at it’s best, and it’s chock full of vegetables. In fact, the more vegetables the merrier! You can use any kind of veggie here too – just use whatever’s fresh and in season. It’s sure to be a hit every time.

I hope you like this one as much as we did.

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