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The Frilly Garden 2012: Quick progress report

The frilly garden has seen great progress of late. Things are coming right along now!

We have lots of questions though, and a bit of research to do. Husband’s working on that right now.

First up, the corn. We’ve never grown corn before. Does anyone know what happens next? Do each of these little “prongs” become ears of corn? Can anyone help us? Either way, we think it’s growing really quickly now, which makes us happy enough to give up coffee in the morning.

That last part was a bit of a fib, actually. Who in their right mind would give up coffee?

I’m so excited about so much of the growth that quite literally almost happened overnight.

We have a pumpkin! (We think)

The pumpkin vines are growing like mad. Mad!

Now, my most exciting moment today, discovering these beauties…

Look at those gorgeous tomatillos! I love that they just hang out in their little green jackets. They don’t command attention at all. They just hide under a few little leaves, just waiting for their moment to be discovered. Beautiful.

Now for the rest.


A lovely heirloom brandywine tomato

A cluster of early girl tomatoes


Brussels Sprouts



And finally, my pride and joy… the herb garden. I’ve added some new herbs since every time we visit a garden centre, we see lots of great herbs marked down to $1 each. I can’t resist. I’ve added thai basil, sage, lemon thyme, dill, and oregano.

They’re filling in nicely now.

Lots of work on tap this weekend, since we’re heading on vacation next week. Lots of weeding, watering, and fertilizing to do.

Hope for a little bit of rain while we’re away!