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[Recipe] Cashew “Cheese” Sauce

cheese sauce cover 2

Cheese-free cheese sauce.

Why? WHY?

I am currently undergoing an elimination diet to get to the bottom of some nagging health issues. Nothing too serious, just nagging stuff. My amazing naturopath suggested I go through an elimination diet to see if some of the nagging issues had underlying food-related causes.

I’ll admit that at first I was pretty resistant, but I know my way around food and food alternatives, and I can’t see any harm in doing the elimination diet, so I got on board.

No dairy. No gluten. No soy. One month.

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[Recipe] Imperial Cheese Cookies

cheese cookies cover

My very good friend Jenn makes the most scrumptious cheese cookies. They are so addictive, and people demand (nicely, of course) that she make them all the time. Just like those pesky potato chips, you can’t eat just one.

These cookies, also called Newfoundland Cheese Biscuits, are a Canadian tradition. There are several versions of this recipe “out there”, but Jenn’s cookies are the best, since they’re made by such a genuine and kind heart. We were lucky enough to have a batch all to ourselves when Jennifer was passing through our neck of the woods last summer.

If you were looking for another great way to use McLaren’s cheese, you know – that stuff in the red tub – you’d be missing out if you didn’t try these cookies.

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[Recipe] Melting Moment Sugar Cookies

I’m dubbing these cookies “Melting Moments” because that’s the name of the cookie my mom was looking for when she requested them. Mom described them to me as a “small, plain, crisp, melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookie”, called them melting moments, and I set off to searching for a recipe.

And here they are. The cookie that satisfied Mom’s desire for a melting moment cookie.

This recipe is the Pioneer Woman’s Favourite Sugar Cookie recipe. It is uh-may-zing. I didn’t really like sugar cookies before these ones. I did change them just slightly though, making them a bit daintier than Ree’s cowboy-sized original. I got 96 cookies out of this batch where Ree normally gets 18 (no kidding!), and trust me, they get gobbled up quickly regardless of size.

In the case of these cookies, size really doesn’t matter.

These cookies are dainty, crumbly, and fragile. They don’t really travel well, so you should save them all for yourself to eat at home.

Jeanne, of Art of Gluten-Free Baking has baked up a gluten-free version of these cookies. You can find her post here.

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[Recipe] Gluten-Free Lemon Drop Shortbread Cookies

“On the second day of Christmas, The Frilly Apron gave to me,
Lemon Shortbread that’s perfect with some tea.”

“Lemony. Lemony goodness.”

I asked my husband what he had to say about these little gems. So there ya go.

These really are the perfect cookie to accompany a hot cup of tea. They are so lovely and have a nice, light lemony flavour. Crispy and crumbly, they make a great dunker.

This recipe is adapted from GlutenFree Baking’s Gluten-Free and Egg-Free Lemon Coolers recipe.

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[Recipe] Sweet Potato Aloo Gobi

sweet potato aloo gobi

This recipe for aloo gobi is a direct result of me watching television on a Saturday afternoon. It was featured on an episode of Chef Michael’s Kitchen today on the Food Network.

I watch a lot of Food Network. It’s one of our “default” channels on the TV. I can watch those shows over and over again. Well, most of them. Some I’m not much of a fan of, but such is life.

This recipe was perfect timing for me too, as it fits in perfectly to the Wild Rose cleanse that I’m currently in the middle of undertaking. Today is the half way point, and this is something completely different than what I’ve been eating this week – a nice change.

Both my husband and I really enjoyed this aloo gobi recipe, which is typically made with white potatoes. It was warming and very filling. It would fit in nicely with most diets too, since it’s packed full of vegetables and healthy ingredients. It’s also vegetarian, and can be easily made vegan. Use ghee in place of the butter if you’d like to.

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