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[Recipe] MacLaren’s Cheddar Jam Squares

maclaren's cheddar jam squares cover

Cheddar jam squares – another great recipe that uses the lovely Canadian cheese in the red tub – MacLaren’s Imperial Cold Pack Cheddar. Cheese and fruit are a classic pairing, and these cheddar jam squares just serve to smoosh them together into one delicious bite. Or a whole pan of delicious bites.

The recipe for cheddar jam squares was originally printed on the side of Velveeta boxes in the 1960s. I originally read about it on a Chow discussion forum (this recipe is most like one posted by ‘Full Tummy’). Substituting MacLaren’s cold pack cheddar for vintage Velveeta cheese works like a charm. Apparently the Velveeta of old wasn’t the same Velveeta we know today – it had a crumblier, drier texture. MacLaren’s fits that description perfectly.

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[Recipe] Imperial Cheese Cookies

cheese cookies cover

My very good friend Jenn makes the most scrumptious cheese cookies. They are so addictive, and people demand (nicely, of course) that she make them all the time. Just like those pesky potato chips, you can’t eat just one.

These cookies, also called Newfoundland Cheese Biscuits, are a Canadian tradition. There are several versions of this recipe “out there”, but Jenn’s cookies are the best, since they’re made by such a genuine and kind heart. We were lucky enough to have a batch all to ourselves when Jennifer was passing through our neck of the woods last summer.

If you were looking for another great way to use McLaren’s cheese, you know – that stuff in the red tub – you’d be missing out if you didn’t try these cookies.

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