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[Recipe] MacLaren’s Cheddar Jam Squares

maclaren's cheddar jam squares cover

Cheddar jam squares – another great recipe that uses the lovely Canadian cheese in the red tub – MacLaren’s Imperial Cold Pack Cheddar. Cheese and fruit are a classic pairing, and these cheddar jam squares just serve to smoosh them together into one delicious bite. Or a whole pan of delicious bites.

The recipe for cheddar jam squares was originally printed on the side of Velveeta boxes in the 1960s. I originally read about it on a Chow discussion forum (this recipe is most like one posted by ‘Full Tummy’). Substituting MacLaren’s cold pack cheddar for vintage Velveeta cheese works like a charm. Apparently the Velveeta of old wasn’t the same Velveeta we know today – it had a crumblier, drier texture. MacLaren’s fits that description perfectly.

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