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[FFwD]: Mussels with Chorizo (and Lemon Pepper Linguine)

When you live in the Canadian Maritimes, you eat a lot of seafood, lots of different ways. It’s one of the things we’re famous for, along with our friendly disposition.

In light of that, even though I haven’t cooked a FFwD recipe in quite some time, a mussels recipe was just the thing to get me back in the swing of things. Mussels are a favourite in our home, and they are readily available here, us being so close to Prince Edward Island, home of the best mussels in the world.

We’ve had mussels cooked a myriad of different ways, but never with chorizo, an ingredient not very readily available here. Luckily for us, I found some at our local grocery store this afternoon and didn’t have to substitute hot italian sausage – a small miracle, and a very lucky break.

We really enjoyed this recipe. The chorizo in the mussel broth provided a nice smoky note and left your mouth with a bit of kick. The broth was rich and savoury, a lovely spicy soup we sopped up with crusty bread. We chose to serve the mussels and broth over homemade lemon pepper linguine – a meal fit for royalty.

If you’re hoping to make this dish for guests be sure to let them know to leave their most proper table manners at the door, and just enjoy slurping your way through every delicious morsel.

My husband’s comment: “This was delicious in my face.”