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The Frilly Garden 2012: Plant, plant, plant!

On to one of the fun parts of the gardening process, the planting.

You should already have your rows and mounds ready, right? Let’s get going!

Place your plants where you’re going to be planting them.

It’s finally time to put some plants in the ground!

Here’s how you do it.

First, dig the hole. Dig it to about the depth of the soil pod of the starter plant.

Second, squeeze around the edges of a single starter in your starter pack. The plant, in its soil pod, should come out of the pack. Don’t be afraid to be forceful – those little plants aren’t quite as dainty as you’d think.

Third, pull off a bit of the bottom of the soil pod, releasing some of the roots at the bottom of the starter.

This is what it might look like up close.

Pop that little guy in the ground. This particular little plant is the start of a juicy, luscious watermelon. The reddest you’ll ever see. I hope.

Fill in the hole, then press down firmly around the base of the stalk of the plant, standing it up straight.

Shuffle a bit of lose dirt around the base of the plant, and you’re done.

Don’t forget to water it in!

A new plant needs an immediate watering – I think it’s like offering company a drink. It’s polite and makes them feel at home.