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[Recipe] Classic Potato Salad

potato salad cover 2

Mmm, mmm, mmm, potato salad. Potato salad is the classic barbecue side dish, isn’t it? It’s also a classic side for lobster suppers and lobster rolls. Not that we’re doing much barbecuing around here lately – it’s been raining and chilly for days now, and we’re looking forward to much of the same for a few more days yet. Maybe I should have revived the casserole series for this week – it seems much more like casserole weather than potato salad weather.

Nevertheless… potato salad.

I remember coming home from school on warm June days to Mom announcing that I shouldn’t ruin my dinner by snacking because she’d made potato salad for supper and Dad would be home soon to barbecue pork chops to go with it. Those were some of the only times I didn’t mind not snacking after school. Had to save enough room for that potato salad! Mom would always put it in a nice serving bowl, sprinkle some paprika on it, and chill it in the fridge. The colder, the better.

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