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Back By Popular Demand: The Box!

It’s box day!

I look forward to picking up our local food box from Real Food Connections every single week. Apparently, The Frilly Apron’s readers look forward to it too – there were quite a few of you wondering where my weekly photo of our food box was last week.

No worries, we got our food box last Thursday – it’s just been a little busier around our house than usual these past couple of weeks, and I didn’t get a chance to post about it.

Never fear box lovers, the weekly box post is back.

Just as a bit of an aside, I was a bit too excited to get purple ruffled basil in this week’s box.

Ruffles! Basil!

I’m in love.

Here are the other lovely things we got this week:

~ ground chicken
~ cheddar and bacon sausages
~ venison stew meat
~ beef stir fry strips
~ sharp cheddar
~ eggs
~ milk
~ homemade multigrain bread
~ honeycrisp apples
~ lentil sprouts
~ tomatoes
~ carrots (!!!)
~ 3lb russet potatoes (the BEST russets I’ve ever tasted)
~ mushrooms
~ organic garlic powder (local garlic powder = very surprising and cool)

We also added on some peanut butter and pate.

Oh, and worm castings. Not for us of course, for the growing veggies in the back yard.