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[Recipe] Taco Salad (with a Lightened Up Version)

taco salad cover

We have made it to yet another end of June. School’s almost out. That means you see school buses at places like museums and zoos, kids and teachers running around all over the place. I love it.

Growing up, June was always a bittersweet time. I loved going to school and seeing my friends there every day, but I also loved being with my friends at home – biking the neighbourhood, swimming in the river down the street from home, and playing hide and seek and ghost in the graveyard until the streetlights came on. That was the rule – we could bike around and go where we wanted to go until the streetlights came on, then we had to head home to at least check in with mom and dad, or call from whomever’s house we might be holed up at playing Nintendo.

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