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[Recipe] Thin Mint Cookie Fudge

fudge cover 1

I can’t resist making this fudge every year. It takes few ingredients, comes together in about 10 minutes, and is completely versatile. Just combine the chip flavours you love with the flavouring extract you want, and throw in up to two cups of add-ins. Let the fudge set up in the fridge for an hour or two, and it’s all ready to go.

This past year I tried Girl Guide Thin Mint cookies for the very first time. Yes, I know, I’m a bit behind in the commercial cookie scene it seems. Believe me though, I’m catching up quickly. I got hooked up with 4 boxes (thanks Jennifer!).

I managed to save one of the boxes so that I could try a variation on this fudge. I love chocolate and mint, and this Thin Mint cookie fudge certainly hits the mark for my chocolate and mint cravings.

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