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[Recipe] Sweet Potato Aloo Gobi

sweet potato aloo gobi

This recipe for aloo gobi is a direct result of me watching television on a Saturday afternoon. It was featured on an episode of Chef Michael’s Kitchen today on the Food Network.

I watch a lot of Food Network. It’s one of our “default” channels on the TV. I can watch those shows over and over again. Well, most of them. Some I’m not much of a fan of, but such is life.

This recipe was perfect timing for me too, as it fits in perfectly to the Wild Rose cleanse that I’m currently in the middle of undertaking. Today is the half way point, and this is something completely different than what I’ve been eating this week – a nice change.

Both my husband and I really enjoyed this aloo gobi recipe, which is typically made with white potatoes. It was warming and very filling. It would fit in nicely with most diets too, since it’s packed full of vegetables and healthy ingredients. It’s also vegetarian, and can be easily made vegan. Use ghee in place of the butter if you’d like to.

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[Recipe] Creamy Vegetable Casserole

creamy vegetable casserole

Exciting news in the casserole world!

This casserole recipe is a real winner. I will be putting this on my menu on a regular basis now. This is comfort food at it’s best, and it’s chock full of vegetables. In fact, the more vegetables the merrier! You can use any kind of veggie here too – just use whatever’s fresh and in season. It’s sure to be a hit every time.

I hope you like this one as much as we did.

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