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[Recipe] Cindy-Lou’s Grinchy Who-Wuzzles (Pistachio, White Chocolate, and Cranberry Cookies)

grinchy morsels cover 1

“You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch…”

Growing up, my most favourite thing about Christmas was The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I LOVE The Grinch! To this day, I can still recite the entire story start to finish without missing a beat. My sister still calls me to let me know when it’s on TV.

While these cookies aren’t quite as green as The Grinch himself, I still think they pay a pretty good homage to my scowly green friend. Now don’t worry – I didn’t use termites, garlic, or bad bananas with greasy black peels in this recipe. I did use pistachio pudding mix, white chocolate, and cranberries though, and they are one fantastic little creation. If you’d like them to be a bit greener, just add a bit of green food colouring to the dough when mixing.

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