The Frilly Garden 2012: The List

I’d like to talk about the things we’ve planted in the garden, so that you’ll all know what we’re up against, and what we can look forward to this year. I’m just not sure how to classify them and group them accordingly to talk about them. So I’m not going to.

Today I’m going to post the full list of what we’ve planted. Each week, I’ll highlight one or two of these lovelies in detail. I really think they’re special enough that they deserve their own posts. We’re really quite excited about all of the different varieties of fruits and vegetables we’ve put in the ground this year.

Here goes…

We’ve planted 8 types of tomatoes this year, both in the garden, and in pots.

Early Girl (Red, Hybrid)
Purple Cherokee (Purple, Heirloom variety)
Green Zebra (Green/Yellow Striped, Heirloom)
New Girl (Red, Hybrid)
Better Boy (Red, Heirloom)
Brandywine (Red, Heirloom)
Golden Jubilee (Yellow, Heirloom)
Patio Hybrid (Red)

We also planted lots of other things:

Chieftan Potatoes
Green Bush Beans
Dusky Purple Eggplant
Burpless Cucumbers
Buttercup Squash
Pie Pumpkins
Oh So Sweet Corn
3 Varieties of Lettuce: Buttercrunch, Ruby, and Green Leaf
Brussels Sprouts
Jalapeno Peppers
Habanero Peppers

The Herbs:

Barbecue Rosemary
Globe Basil
Bronze Fennel (Heirloom)
Flat Leaf Parsley

And last year’s perennial herbs:


Whew! That’s it. Yes, so far, that’s all.

Gah! That’s 27 different types of fruits and vegetables, and 8 different herbs.

Oh my.

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