The Frilly Garden 2012: You Win Some, You Lose Some

This is how humid it was here this afternoon. It felt like the rainforest.

Believe me, there’s a garden behind there. I couldn’t get a picture for a bit since the lens kept fogging up.

On to business. I know it’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve updated you all on the garden’s progress.

What have we been doing for 3 weeks in the time we haven’t updated?


And this:

And this:

I know that an update is overdue, but I really wanted to have something great to talk about before posting an update.

Things with the garden have progressed well in some areas, but not so well in others.

I’ll let you see the progress in pictures. The ‘Before’ pictures were taken June 10th. The second in the set of pictures were taken today, July 7th.

Green Beans:

Brussels Sprouts:


Cherokee Tomatoes:










Green Zebra:


Check this out. Our potatoes. There is no before picture, since they were just seed potatoes buried in the ground. Look at them now:

I know, right? Yowza!

Last, but not least, one of the newest members of our frilly family – jalapenos!

Wow! We’ve had some serious growth! Did you see those tomatillos? Eeee!

We’ve also lost some stuff – the kale, brussels sprouts, and the kohlrabi are toast. Some furry little critter wanted to eat them before they were ready to be eaten. We even went as far as to replace the brussels sprouts, only to realize that we’ve provided a second snack for said furry critter.

Oh well, I love the critters, so it’s OK. We may replace the lost plants with something that will grow really quickly, but we may also just leave those areas empty now.

The good news: our pumpkins, zucchinis, potatoes, corn, and tomatillos are really taking off. I’m excited to watch them from week to week now. You’ll be watching them too. From here on out, I’ll be providing you with weekly progress pictures.

We actually had to cage one of our tomatillos today since it was so heavy it was leaning over. Here’s how I did that:

Slumping tomatillo:

Get yourself a “tomato” cage. You can buy these for about $1.50 at a garden centre:

Place the cage over the tomatillo, inserting it gently into the soil:

Now gently maneuver the tomatillo up and into the centre of the cage, allowing it leaves to reach for the sunlight:


Tomorrow we fertilize! I’ll save those details for then.

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