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Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning: March Week 1

Better late than never, right?

It’s been such a hectic weekend that I’m just now finding the time to write a meal planning post for the week.

I’m also going to brag just a little about the savings we got using Air Miles Cash this week. We got all of our groceries except for $4 worth at Sobeys for free by using $50 in Air Miles Cash. Now THAT is a start the car moment. There was also a little promo on this weekend that for every $10 you used in AM Cash, you got 10 bonus reward miles back. So I used 475 miles to get my $50 in groceries free, and got 50 miles back immediately. Deal.

We also made our regular trip to the Costco to pick up some stuff.

All in all, we spent about $205 in groceries this week (minus the $50 we cashed in). Here’s what ended up on our cart:
coffee (2 boxes at $40 each *sigh*)
coffee creamer
baby spinach
deli ham
frozen yogurt pops
salmon fillets
baking potatoes
romaine lettuce
golden caesar dressing
sour cream
chocolate covered almonds
mouth wash
goldfish crackers

Here’s what’s on tap for meals this week:
Monday – pizza and caesar salad
Tuesday – Maple mustard salmon, baked potatoes, roasted snap peas (This is going to be SO GOOD!)
Wednesday – taco salad
Thursday – Hamburger Helper (made with ground turkey and broccoli)

Enjoy the week everyone!