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The Frilly Garden 2012

I dream of being a farmer.

Yes, really – farming is my dream. I dream of sitting on my back porch, overlooking fields of green, coffee in hand, with the people I love next to me, knowing we have a pantry full of food for another year. After the harvest of course, because anyone who knows anything about farming knows there isn’t much time for sitting during the farming season.

Until the time comes when I can realize my dream, I am very content planting our own garden plots in the backyard. This year I’m going to chronicle the entire garden process – start to finish.

I hope you follow our gardening experience this year. We’d like to show people that with a little bit of money, and a bit of sweat, you can grow a lot of food. You can provide for yourself and your loved ones.

Gardening is just so satisfying.

I’m dedicating a new page on the blog to this year’s garden. You’ll see the Frilly Garden posts go through the blog the same way the everyday posts do, but you’ll also see a collection of the garden posts, as posted through the garden season, on a page called The Frilly Garden 2012. I thought it would be nice to see the whole thing, start to finish, in one place.

I really hope you like watching the garden grow the same way we do. Hopefully we’ll all learn a few things too.