Frilly Baby: 37 Week Update

First, my rant.

Gosh, pregnancy can be lonely sometimes. They say you can get lonely once the baby arrives, up all night alone with a baby, no one to talk to. But pregnancy can be a lonely time too.

I spend a lot of time now up in the middle of the night. Just like tonight, for instance. I’ve already been up a full hour with heartburn. I never had heartburn until pregnancy. This is probably my 6th or 8th time having it in my entire life. What a MISERABLE thing heartburn is – not really bad enough to keep you from functioning like a normal human being, but bad enough to not allow you to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. Miserable. I very sincerely hope that the heartburn will go away again after I deliver Baby Bee.

Other reasons pregnant ladies don’t sleep…

You can’t get comfortable anymore. Ever. I haven’t been comfortable in at least 2 months now. Yup, since about January. Moving around is difficult at the best of times, let alone when you’re switching from one side to the other in bed. I’m out of breath after tying my shoes. It’s a major effort to get up out of my reclining chair. I am itchy everywhere, all the time. Right now I’d like to take a BBQ brush to scratch between my shoulder blades.

Your mind doesn’t stop to take a breather anymore. With a baby on the way any ol’ time now, my brain never stops. Do we have enough of this? Has that been recently laundered? What else will we need to bring the baby home? What do I need to pack to take to the hospital? What if my water breaks in public? What if my water breaks at home? What about all the things I don’t even know that I’m forgetting to do?!?

So yeah, there’s all of that stuff. Everyone tells you not to worry, that it all works out, but you still worry until it all works out.

Don’t even get me started on the middle of the night trips to the bathroom.

“Get your rest now, while you still can”, people say. Sure. Right after I roll over 4 times in bed trying to get rid of the heartburn that won’t go away, only to give up, go to the bathroom, take a couple of Tums (which you already know won’t even touch the extent of this heartburn), resign yourself to the couch for the night where you sip water and scratch and watch reruns of The Murdoch Mysteries until the sun comes up. Then when you’re hungry and a walking zombie, the heartburn seems to be gone. And you’re exhausted and need a nap at 6am.

At least when the baby comes, we’ll be up together.

Now, let’s finish with some really great news. I’m 37 weeks pregnant! That’s considered full term, baby! That basically means that if Baby Bee were born now, we’d both be OK. That’s a really nice feeling.

Busy day today – appointment at the vet for Samson, an OB appointment for me, followed by a massage and a chiropractic appointment.

Even though I complained a bit in this post, I really do want Baby Bee to stay put for at least a couple more weeks. A bit of extra development on the inside certainly wouldn’t hurt, and I would really like to make sure that all of those last minute questions I was rambling on about (above) are answered before our baby makes his/her appearance.

So here’s to at least a couple more weeks of pregnancy!

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