Frilly Baby: My Newest Pregnancy Symptom

As far as pregnancy symptoms go, so far I’ve been pretty lucky. I’ve been sick a couple of times, avoided the majority of the nausea. The worst things got on the sickness side of things was me having a gagging fit or two in public. Husband LOVED those. We would both end up in a laughing fit over them as we hustled to the car.

Other pregnancy symptoms experienced so far include: extreme exhaustion, uncontrollable hunger, insatiable thirst, and shortness of breath. No big deal.

Now I have a new symptom to share.

I have one hot foot. Yup, one foot is on fire. My right foot. It happens a few times a day, for about ten seconds or so at a go. It feels like someone put my foot a little too close to the bonfire. Then it just goes away. Apparently, this can be caused because Little Bee is getting bigger and putting pressure on my nerves and spinal cord. Cute.

One hot foot. You can’t help but giggle.

If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve added a new page to the blog, called Frilly Baby. That’s where I’ll be writing about the ins and outs of my pregnancy, and all other things baby related. Because no one wants to forget the wonders of pregnancy.

This week is a big week in Little Bee’s life. Today I’m 19 weeks along. Little Bee is the size of a mango, about a half a pound and six inches long. Growing like a happy little weed in there. Little Bee’s developing senses now.

Tomorrow is our ultrasound day. We’ll get the choice to find out whether or not Little Bee is a he bee or a she bee, but we’ve chosen to leave that as a little surprise. Please keep us in your thoughts tomorrow, as we hope and pray to see a perfect little person on that monitor. Can’t wait to see you, Little Bee!

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