Marie-Hélène’s Apple Cake [FFwD]

I am lucky to live in a maritime province covered in trees – beautiful New Brunswick. Over 80% of the area of the province is forested. This makes for gorgeous fall scenery with the leaves on the trees changing their many colours.

Aside from the breath-taking scenery, fall also brings apples. New Brunswick has a serious abundance of apple orchards, being the smallest of 5 apple producing provinces in Canada. We produce and export dozens of varieties, including MacIntosh, Honey Crisp, Paula Red, and Spartan.

That was your trivia for today.

Needless to say, it wasn’t difficult to find different varieties to use in this simple apple cake. Although easy to assemble, it is dense with flavour and very satisfying. It pairs well with any meal, and is a great alternative to apple pie. I’ve served it with a loose vanilla bean whipped cream while still a bit warm, but it is just as good served cool the next day.

You can trust me on this, I’ve made it three times already.

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