On My Bookshelf: Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan

I’d like to start a regular installment here to profile some of the cookbooks I’ve collected over the years. I have so many now that I can no longer keep them all in my kitchen and dining room area. I’m sure to some, this indicates that I have some sort of “problem”. In my mind, my only problem is the lack of bookshelf real estate in my kitchen.

Baking: From My Home to Yours: Dorie Greenspan, Alan Richardson: Books | chapters.indigo.ca

I’ve owned Baking for close to 4 years now I’d guess. I remember when I saw it that day in Chapters – I saw it sitting alone on a shelf, a bit awkward and tall, thick in the middle. I can see how someone might think it was intimidating, but I’ve always enjoyed a challenge. I started walking over. Our eyes met and from that moment forward, I knew we’d be inseparable.

Baking has become my no-fail, go-to book for all tasty things that come out of the oven. (As an aside, Du Four is French and is loosely translated to ‘from the oven’. There is good reason why I spend so much time in the kitchen.) This book is the first resource I consult when I want to do any baking. It is rare that I have to search out a second resource.

Dorie’s (@doriegreenspan) writing style is easy to read, and casual, even when she is writing about something as seemingly difficult to create as croissants or creme brulee. The personal stories included with each recipe let you know that you can do just what she has. Another bonus: almost every recipe comes with at least one delicious variation.

I’ve enjoyed cooking and reading this book regularly since I bought it, and I have no doubt that this book will be one of the ones that become dog-eared and speckled with ingredients – tell-tale signs of a classic. Thank you Dorie for writing such wonderful cookbooks. I look forward to settling in on the couch then at the counter with each and every one.

Should a kitchen fire ever break out in my home (let’s hope this doesn’t happen since I’d much rather spring for another cookbook than a fire extinguisher), I’m grabbing this book and bookin’ it for the door.

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