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[Recipe] Irish Soda Bread

irish soda bread 12

There’s a fresh baked loaf of bread on my counter right now. Oh my goodness this bread is good. And it’s so easy to make. And it’s so good. Moist. Crunch on the outside, so soft on the inside. I made this dough in less than 10 minutes. One bowl. No fuss. No mess. Nothing fancy required. Just good, old fashioned bread.

irish soda bread cover

Seriously, if you want fresh bread with your dinner, there’s still time. You’ll have the ingredients and the equipment you need. You just need to spare ten minutes, followed by forty minutes of baking time in the oven. Then you can have this too.

Having never made Irish soda bread before, I did some preliminary research. That is, I checked out some recipes, then contacted my favourite Irish lady – my good friend Mouse. She knows the deal on Irish soda bread. Thanks for the baking advice Mouse!

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