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[Recipe] Blue Caesar Salad

blue caesar cover 3

Caesar salad. Doesn’t everyone just love it? To me, Caesar salad is a salad for people who don’t really like salad. It’s like the salad exception. You can get a Caesar salad nearly everywhere – it’s the salad that most places have, because people love the stuff. It’s not fussy, has very few ingredients, and you can throw one together in under 5 minutes. Add some protein and you have a complete meal.

The protein in this meal Caesar salad is beef, and this recipe swaps parmesan cheese for blue cheese.

A very special thank you to my very good friend Sarah for sharing her family’s recipe for the Caesar vinaigrette. Sarah, I love the food brainstorming we do on our regular walks. I look forward to many more lovely conversations on the trail. Thank you for sharing your recipe with me.

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