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[Recipe] Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chocolate chip cookies

These cookies may look like a Halloween extravaganza, but they aren’t scary at all. And really, they only look Halloweeny because of the Reese’s pieces colours. Aren’t they great? I actually used Reese’s minis, that I found on a trip the US one day. This was a fantastic way to use them.

Crispy at the edges and chewy on the inside, these double chocolate cookies are the kind of cookies you’ll want to hide from the other people in your household. That’s why women carry really big purses – did you know that? There’s a pocket in there just for cookies.

Yup, purse cookies. That’s what these are.

Add whatever candy pieces you’d like to to these cookies – mint chips, dried cherries or cranberries, butterscotch chips, candy cane pieces, salted pretzel pieces – whatever floats your boat. Try a combination! These guys can take it. They bake up quickly too. They’d be perfect for a last minute cookie request for a bake sale.

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