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The Frilly Baby: [Recipe] Homemade Baby Wipes Solution

I’ve always been a bit of the tree hugger type. When we found out we were expecting our little girl, I immediately started considering cloth diapering. I had a couple of friends who had successfully done it, and loved doing it, so I thought we’d give it a go too.

My cousin Amanda was one of these moms who had successfully cloth diapered her little ones (and still does). She gave me so much great advice about cloth diapers and all of the stuff that goes with it. One of these little bits of information she passed along was about cloth wipes. She’s used her own homemade cloth wipes for quite a while now and taught me how to do the same. I ordered my wipes from an online moms co-op (for about $40) and looked up some formulas for a baby wipe solution to use with them. I also indulged in a cloth wipes warmer (about $45). I figured I could justify it because of all of the money we’d save on wipes? Maybe we won’t save that much, but that wipes warmer sure is nice to have. If you don’t want to splurge on a wipes warmer, it certainly isn’t necessary.

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