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[Recipe] Old-Fashioned Gingerbread

If you’ve ever had occasion to visit New Brunswick for any amount of time, specifically the Fredericton area, you may have had the privilege of visiting Kings Landing.

Kings Landing is a historical settlement located just outside Fredericton where they do everything now just as they did over a hundred years ago – they churn butter, spin wool, mill wood to build their buildings – it’s amazing. My husband and I love it there – it’s one of the most pleasant and interesting places we’ve been to.

For my thirtieth birthday, my parents took our whole family to the Kings Head Inn at Kings Landing to enjoy their Christmas Dinner. We had our choice of goose or roast beef, all the sides, and a choice of dessert, one of which was this old-fashioned gingerbread with whipped cream, all by candle and lantern light. It is one of my favourite birthday memories – we had so much fun. Thanks Mom and Dad. You always go out of your way to make every occasion a special one. We love you so much.

This gingerbread recipe is the recipe served at the Kings Head Inn. It is a modest, old-fashioned, stripped down gingerbread with a real deep molasses punch. The whipped cream (or ice cream) is a must if you’re serving it as an after dinner dessert. Smaller slices of this are also really good for breakfast.

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