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[Recipe] Meat Sauce Turned Lasagna

Lasagna – something I don’t make very often. One of the only pastas my husband really loves. Keeps Garfield happy too. I really don’t know why I don’t make it more often, other than the fact that it’s really not healthy. At all. Not that that’s ever stopped me before. That’s why I own a treadmill.

This lasagna is the kind of lasagna you dream of – lots of flavour, surrounded by lots of hot stringy cheese. It’s really delicious. Not recommended for cardiac patients or the lactose intolerant among us.

This recipe is adapted from a Paula Deen recipe for lots o’ meat lasagna. It’s made in two parts – I made the meat sauce ahead of time, then put the lasagna together later for a weeknight dinner. If you’d like to put some veggies like peppers and mushrooms in the meat sauce, this sauce can definitely handle it. Also, I used ground turkey in place of ground beef.

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