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[Recipe] Millionaire Shortbread

millionaire shortbread cover 1

Last Christmas, my friend Stephanie posted a picture of these bars on my Facebook timeline, thinking I’d like them. Steph, you couldn’t have been more right! I did some research to find out what these bars were called, then I started to put together my recipe. But, last year I thought I’d make them in mini muffin cups. I made all of the cups, then didn’t get the time to fill them with the caramel and chocolate. So Husband and I decided we’d eat the delicious little cups with all kinds of other stuff like whipped cream and ice cream and sometimes just chocolate sauce. They were pretty tasty.

This Christmas, I’m following through with this recipe. I did decide to make it the traditional way though – shortbread base, caramel filling, chocolate topper. At Husband’s suggestion, I also decided to sprinkle some fleur de sel on top. It was a nice addition. That husband of mine really does come up with great ideas.

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