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[Recipe] Gluten-Free Paleo Sweet Potato Hash

If you know me personally, you know that I’m a diet junkie. I don’t like to try them all, but I love learning the science behind diet and nutrition, so I’m constantly trying to educate myself about such things.

Most recently, I’ve embarked on a quest to eat a gluten-free diet in conjunction with eating what is now known as a paleolithic diet. In a nutshell (although the science behind the paleo diet would never fit in such a small space), the paleo diet is based on eating foods that would have been most readily available to our ancestors before the agricultural revolution – primarily fish and animal proteins, vegetables and some fruit, nuts and seeds. The paleo diet does not include eating grains, dairy, legumes, or refined sugar.

For now, I’m focusing primarily on eating a gluten-free diet, so I’m still eating some dairy, some grains, and some legumes. That’s really neither here nor there to you though, so let’s get on with the show.

This sweet potato hash recipe is something I came up with for dinner one night last week. We then enjoyed the leftovers for breakfast the next morning. We served it with a fried egg on top, and a side of gluten-free cornbread.

This recipe is versatile, healthy, filling, and comes together quickly and easily. Add as many or as few additional vegetables to it as you’d like. Omit the meat if you’d like to have a vegetarian version. If you don’t have coconut oil on hand, use olive oil. Don’t have smoked paprika? Use whatever other herb or spice combination you’d like. There are just so many possibilities.

[Recipe] Sweet Potato Hash

2 Sweet Potatoes, cubed
1-2 Tbsp Coconut Oil (or some other healthy fat)
2 Garlic Cloves, minced
1/2 Lb Sausage (or as much as you’d like of any protein, cooked ahead of time)
1 Sweet Pepper, diced
1 Large Onion, diced
1 Tbsp Smoked Paprika (or some herb/spice combination of your choice)

Gather the required ingredients.

Peel and cube your sweet potatoes. Boil them for about 10 minutes, until fork tender. Drain and set aside.

Dice the vegetables.

Melt the cocount oil in a large pan over medium heat.

Add garlic and saute quickly.

Add your vegetables and sausage and saute until the vegetables are tender and the sausage is cooked through. Remember to cook your sausage ahead of time if using a raw product.

Add your sweet potatoes to the pan, along with the smoked paprika.

Stir well and allow all ingredients to heat together, about 5 minutes.

Garnish with fresh chives or green onions, if you’d like.