The All Good Things Fall Cake

This cake is actually called the All-In-One Holiday Bundt Cake.

When you think of fall, tell me with a straight face that you don’t think of things like pumpkins, cranberries, nuts, and spice. Go on, try to tell me you don’t think of those things.

That’s what I thought. It’s near impossible to not have one or all of these things on your mind when October rolls around. The only thing this cake is missing is a sweater – now THAT would make even those living under rocks think of fall.

It is easily one of the best cakes I’ve ever baked. I may┬áhave eaten two slices of it, right out of the oven. Maybe.

This is yet another Dorie Greenspan recipe, from her book Baking: From my home to yours.┬áThere are no bad or iffy recipes in this book. None. It is my most favourite recipe collection, and trust me when I tell you that I have a lot of cookbooks and recipe collections with which to compare. This one is just wonderful – every day ingredients, minimal fuss, no fail and satisfying results, and really lovely anecdotes and stories.

Out of respect from Dorie, I will not post the full recipe here, but you’re free to ask me for it if you’d really like to have it. Then it’s just a recipe exchange amongst friends, right?

Here is the story of this cake, in pictures:

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