Vive Les Vendredis!

I would be shortchanging readers if I said that I was a bit intrigued by my most recent cooking challenge. In fact, the word ecstatic doesn’t even provide an accurate description. Let me explain…

I have decided to join a dedicated group of online cooks and bakers on an endeavour known as French Fridays With Dorie!

Dorie Greenpan, one of my most favourite cookbook authors, along with a group of her peers are challenging cooks and bakers all over the world to make their way through her newest book, Around My French Table, one recipe at a time. I have been hooked on everything à la Dorie since purchasing her book Baking: From My Home to Yours. The recipes I’ve enjoyed from Baking now number into the dozens, all of which have been absolutely delicious – the kinds of things that make you pour a glass of milk prior to going to bed in the hopes of waking up in the middle of the night to stumble into the kitchen and enjoy the few leftover morsels.

I am expecting nothing less from Around My French Table.

I know that this will be a wonderful learning experience, and I will be disappointed if it doesn’t prove to also be a daunting task. I fully expect many successes and a few failures, but a lot of great flavour and many new friends.

Our first four weeks of recipes have already been chosen by Dorie herself. Expect my first post next Friday – gougères!

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